Photo Facial and Micro Thermal Rejuvenation
This treatment is a solution for sun damage, rosacea and wrinkle reduction. Visual signs of aging are typically confined to the epidermis and upper dermis layers of the skin. Due to excessive sun exposure, the texture of the skin changes along with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and darker pigmentations in the skin. If you are scared, or feel too young for Botox, this treatment is an excellent alternative. The Affirm laser helps to rejuvenate your skin by treating wrinkles, pigmentation, and the blush of rosacea. This revolutionary technology makes treatments easier, faster, and more effective than other similar alternatives. These treatments do not require the use of messy gels or lotions thereby enhancing the clients treatments.

We use IPL machine:
Permanent Hair Removal, Post Acne, Active Acne, Photo-rejuvenation, Sun Spots,  Pigmentation, plus many more…
Most of us have areas on our skin that keep us from being proud of our appearance. We often wish we could remove the skin discoloration or broken vessels, (small “spider veins” often appearing on the face and other parts of body as on ages or as s result of an accident or medication).
Telangiectasias or so-called broken veins on the face, often part of rosacea, broken veins on the legs. Portwine stains and haemangioma in children and red-spots on the body in adults all can be selectively destroyed.
Using a non-invasive medical system of light therapy to eliminate vascular birthmarks, facial spider veins and other vascular conditions. Now it is possible to safely eliminate facial veins and vascular birthmarks without injections or surgery with a revolutionary technology that treats vessels with a series of light pulses.
Sunspots, aging spots, freckles and brown birthmarks can be selectively removed from the skin by targeting melanin in the skin. The IPL is a simple treatment and permits destruction of shallow and deep pigment in the skin. the procedure is quick and relatively painless, post-procedure care is minimal and the skin reverts to a normal colour usually within a few treatments.

Similarly, active acne can be treated by way of sterilization and quaterization of the acne bacteria. Apollo gently penetrates the skin just below the surface to achieve this , and can be used most effectively to produce some quite dramatic results without damaging the visible areas of skin in any way at all.

Wrinkles can be the result of any one, or a combination of factors including loss of collagen, sun damage, smoking, alcohol consumption and also hormonal changes. Aging itself is a large contributing factor.
Collagen can decrease at a rate of 1% per year after the age of 40. sun exposure accelerates the aging process and the loss of collagen. It also damages the collagen fibres so that it many no longer support the upper layers of the skin, which results in the formation of wrinkles.

The IPL treatment works by stimulating collagen production in the dermis of the skin. as new collagen is generated, lines and wrinkles are softened. Within several treatments, patients see their skin becoming smoother and the signs of aging fading away. Because the laser does not damage the epidermis, or upper layer of the skin, no wound is created. The treatment is most effective on the fine lines found on the face and around the mouth, and results are very natural. Treatments take around 15minutes, and patients can continue their normal activities immediately. Additionally, the procedure can be combined with other treatments including microderm-abrasion

Anther Facials
Deep Clearn Facial in Beijing:
Our facials begin with a deep cleansing to clean the skin of any impurities or build up. We then exfoliate and do extractions to remove black heads and oily build up from beneath the skin. A masque is then placed on the face to nourish and hydrate the skin and we conclude our treatment with a moisturizer to protect and help restore the natural beauty of your skin. Our licensed aestheticians include a head and neck massage to help relieve stress and ease the mind

Collagen Facial
Our collagen facial uses fish collagen to improve skin texture and makes it look visible younger. Following a face, neck massage, steam, exfoliating and collagen mask.

European Facial 
A rejuvenating facial that includes exfoliating treatment to lift off dead skin cells, face, neck massage steam, deep-pore cleansing, high frequency and two customized masks.

Hydrating Facial
Our hydrating Facial is especially created to bring skin back into balance. Softening stress lines and leaving your complexion clarified and radiant following a face, neck massage with herbal steam and green tea mask.

Back Facial 
A thorough 90mins back facial makes your back looking incredibly beautiful with this super-cleansing treatment. Following a back massage, herbal steam, exfoliation, deep cleansing, high frequency and customized mud mask to drown out impurities and bring skin back into balance.

And More Facials :
1.1-1.  INTENSIVE MOISTURISING CARE                     
2.1-2.  REJUVE FIRMING                                       
3.1-3.  SENSITIVE TREATMENT               
1.1-10. HYDRATING FACIAL                            
2.1-11. ROSE BRIGHTENING FACIAL                   

Ah, there is nothing so glorious, delightfully soothing and wonderfull as a professional facial. Deeply cleansing, sensual and revitalizing, Daisy’s Salon delivers facials that will have you looking and feeling your very best.

Facial services include:
Eyebrows shaping, Cleansing, Lotion, Exfoliating, Deep Clean your pores: take off black and white heads, Massage, Mask, Lotion and Cream
You will spend on 45mins to 90mins, Massage includes: head, face, neck, shoulder, chest, arms and hands.

Our Products and Facials: for Stressed Skin, Tired Skin, Acne Skin, Wrinkles Skin, Sensitive Skin, Congested Skin…

  Eye Treatments

1.Daisy’s Salon makes your eyes smoke, sparkle, sizzle and flame with a wide array of professional services!

2.Eye Treatment - Perfect as a corrective for fine lines, shadows, bags and wrinkles in the most vulnerable and delicate of areas
3.   EYEBROW SHAPING                                      
4.   EYELASH PERMING                                      

At The Daisy’s beauty salon we specialise in all eye treatments such as eyelash perming, tinting, shaping, eyebrow tinting and eyebrow shaping.

Eyebrow tinting changes the color of your eyebrows, adds the illusion of thickness and dimension and may be the closest thing to permanent make-up for the brows and lashes.

Another specialty treatment available is eyelash perming. This magic elixir helps eliminate daily eyelash curler use and keeps natural lashes curled to perfection. The perm should last the life of your eyelashes, which translates to approximately 5 months
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